A challenging, strategic, ingenious word game

Can you form words that contain specific letters? How about challenging opponents to create words that start with HO? Think it's easy? Well, think again :)

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Welcome to n-gram

An original concept for sophisticated word lovers.

Word stimulation

Form words that meet specific challenges. Get a challenge, check your letter-board and give your best to meet it.

N-gram power

Select letters from your words and send your challenges. The less common n-grams make a harder challenge.

Turn based

Complete five rounds of progressive difficulty and play up to 10 matches simultaneously.

Time free

Time is not an issue here. Just focus and find the best possible word in each round.

Sleek design

We value your aesthetics. Boost your vocabulary skills in a tranquil environment of minimalism and functionality.

Game Centre

Compete against your Game Center friends or total strangers, with crafty leaderboards to keep you motivated.

Free for limited time in iOS

It’s launch time and we want to thank early adopters by providing n-gram for free! Spread the love with your friends and let the n-gram battles begin. Learn how to play it in a minute, enjoy it for life.

Hand-crafted in Greece

It all started when the banks closed ☺


Christina Sigala

Concept & Design


Markos Hatzitaskos



Jason Kritikos



Yannis Belessiotis



George Theofanidis

Music & Sound Design


Panagiotis Meritzis

Alpha Tester


Vagelis Hatzis

Beta Tester


Monica Dreger

US Correspondent